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Prudhomat Dordogne nice gite appartment sun big pool groot zwembad
Prudhomat Dordogne nice gite appartment sun big pool groot zwembad
Prudhomat Dordogne nice gite appartment sun big pool groot zwembad

Vallée de La Dordogne

The ravishing Dordogne Valley, bursting with natural wonders, never
fails to enchant travellers. Now it’s your turn to follow the Dordogne
Valley, one of the most beautiful valleys in the Midi-Pyrenees region.
Follow its twists and turns, admiring the many treasures dotting its
banks on your way from Sousceyrac to Souillac in the Lot Department.

The cool, fast-flowing waters of the Dordogne wind along a stunning 60 km
route in the north of the Lot Department. Start your journey in Sousceyrac, a
stately village in the shadow of the Massif Central, and then head down towards
Souillac at the gateway to Périgord. This will take you right into the heart of the
Dordone Valley, a Land of Art and History, where you will meet the men and
women who bring the valley to life.

After Sousceyrac, one really has to explore the narrow streets of Bretenoux,
a pretty 13th century bastide town. The magnificent Castelnau Castle is
worth making a small detour away from the Dordogne river, as is Saint-Céré,
with its historical town centre dominated by the Saint-Laurent-les-Tours

Then return to the Dordogne to enjoy: Carennac, a beautiful village clustered
around a Cluniac priory; Montvalent and its guard tower watching over the
cliffs on the right bank of the river; Gluges huddling beneath its cliff, with its
church where Edith Piaf used to come to pray; Creysse with its Romanesque
church and its small port on the Dordogne River and Belcastel Castle.

You will soon reach the impressive Lacave Caves and Martel, the «City of
Seven Towers», full of medieval houses built by well-to-do merchants. Then
comes Souillac, which was once the hub of the Dordogne River trade. Its
remarkable heritage is commemorated by monuments such as the splendid
Romanesque triple-domed Abbey Church. Your route will take you round
river bends set against towering cliffs, past small sandy islands that are home
to willows and reeds, quiet beaches and walnut and plum orchards, all in the
stunningly preserved natural setting of the Dordogne Valley. The greens and blues
are beautifully offset by the brown hues of the old tiles and the amber patina of
villages that are the distinctive hallmark the Dordogne Valley.

This naturally bountiful valley has been attracting settlers since the Middle Ages,
becoming a focal point for trade, talented builders, and the rivalries of warlords
and monastic powers.

The Dordogne Valley has a distinct personality, unique scenery and an exceptional
heritage. Savour its beauty by following its high cliff-top roads, with their
panoramic views, and its low winding roads running along the cool, shady
riverbanks. Or choose to experience it afloat, by taking a canoe down the river,
if only just to admire La Treyne Castle, on its rocky outcrop.

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