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Prudhomat Dordogne nice gite appartment sun big pool groot zwembad
Prudhomat Dordogne nice gite appartment sun big pool groot zwembad
Prudhomat Dordogne nice gite appartment sun big pool groot zwembad

Department Le Lot

Lot is one of the eight departments of the Midi Pyrenees region. It is adjacent
to the CorrezeCantalAveyronTarn et GaronneLot et Garonne and 
departments. The department was created in 1790 and included
at this time the town of Montauban. When the Tarn et Garonne department
was created in 1808 by Napoleon I, the Lot was divided.  Cahors is the capital
of Lot with a population just over 23,000. The town is surrounded with three
rivers and hills.

Located between Aquitaine and Auvergne, it offers several landscapes. The 
Causse,LimargueBouriane and Quercy Blanc are part of limestone
plateaus, formed by sea sediments. The Ségala is composed of a mountain
range. But the Lot department is also composed of hills, woods and preserved
villages. As regards climate, the north of Lot has a mountainous weather due to
its closeness with theMassif Central. On the contrary, the climate in the south is


The Middle Ages left their architectural marks with castles and perched villages.
Medieval architecture is displayed both on Cahors’ buildings and bridge which
crosses the rivers. The area also had an heritage from the Prehistory which may
be seen through beautiful caves.
Padirac cave is an interesting site to be discovered with its underground river,
unique in the world. Other caves like Les Merveilles in Rocamadour, Pech
 in Cabrerets or Cougnac in Payrignac are also protected sites.

The Regional Natural Park of the Causses area covers a great part of the Lot
department. It stretches over 97 towns. Caves, abysses and underground rivers
are just some of the landscapes you will discover there.

In the surroundings, Rocamadour is a must-visit. It is perched on a cliff used as
a step in the past by pilgrims on the Compostela way. It offers breathtaking
scenery and has been visited by millions of people – about one million visitors a
year. Rocamadour constitutes a major stake for the Lot economy.

Dungeons, Renaissance castles, Roman and Gothic churches, medieval houses,
caves and other archeological sites, farmhouses and grinders, the department
holds over 400 protected monuments as well as about 120 World Heritage
sites. This reflects the richness and diversity of Lot’s heritage.

In the Causses area, stone is everywhere: scattered pebbles and rocks attract
the visitors’ eyes. Typical buildings such as low walls, wells and cabins are
made of dry stones, i.e. without mortar or binding. Dry stone is part of the
cultural, architectural and landscape heritage of Lot. Lovers of rural heritage
will be seduced by the dry stone charms.
Another main symbol of the department is the pigeonnier.