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Prudhomat Dordogne nice gite appartment sun big pool groot zwembad
Prudhomat Dordogne nice gite appartment sun big pool groot zwembad
Prudhomat Dordogne nice gite appartment sun big pool groot zwembad


You can easily spent a week cycling in our neighbourhood, it’s such a great
experience. This picturesque region offers numerous opportunities for cycling,
both on mountain bikes and road bikes.
The region is hillier than the Dordogne department and there are many hills
through the beautiful countryside that will ensure you are sufficiently challenged
- typical hills are about 5-10 km long at about 7-10%, with plenty of steeper
options or routes that combine several steep hills if that isn't enough for you.

Good news: if you don’t cycle very often is that the roads along the Dordogne
valley are quite flat and undemanding. The most popular easy routes follow
both sides of the river between Martel and Argentat, the round trip making an
attractive introduction to the region.

As soon as you leave the Dordogne river and head into the hills you will find
plenty of challenging roads that will stretch you as much as you like. There are
roads with stretches more than 10% gradient for several kilometers, and shorter
stretches occasionally reaching gradients of 20%…you might find these rather
difficult if you don’t ride a bike very often.

It is likely that if you usually cycle somewhere quite flat you will think the routes
are quite short but don’t underestimate them - 50 kilometres in steep hills can
be pretty tough, especially if it includes more than one long climb.
Plus side? The descents are also very long...

Bike Rental

We offer top quality bikes for hire in south west France delivered to your door.
With prices starting at just 10 Euros per hire.
Top Quality Bike Hire / Baby seats options /
Safety helmet, pump, bag, luggage rack, Multitool, Inner Tube included in hire.

We provide also routes and advice to help you get the most of your rental.
Whether its routes for the family, or rides for the more adventurous, you are certain
to pass through beautiful scenery with opportunities to explore the historic, natural
and architectural local places of interest. Why not cycle around some of the Most
Beautiful Villages in France: Carennac, Loubressac, Curemont are all within reach.